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Tulip | CarryC Long Cable

Tulip | CarryC Long Cable

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Knitting cables, various lengths for the CarryC Long Collection!

Available in the following sizes:

50 cm, 60 cm, 80 cm, 100 cm, 120 cm and 150 cm.


The Carry-C Long Collection boasts a few great features. 

- Sharp Tips that ensure stitches are easy to pick-up

- A 'secret' rubber ring at the end of the cable. This ensures that your needles are always secure, and will not loosen during knitting. Also, no special tools are needed for tightening and loosening of needles. No more irritating gaps and run-away cables! Hurray!

- The cables rotate or swivel, this greatly reduces stress in your hands. Your knitting moves along the cable effortlessly. 

- Beautiful styling, that does not compromise on quality. Did you know, the golden cables actually glitter in the sunlight? Eek! TYR loves loves loves!!

- Bamboo is a renewable resource, so these tips are eco-friendly

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