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Our Story

Thank you for having a browse through our online store!

I am so glad to have you. I hope that you enjoy oogling all our goodies and yarns. 

I'm Jennifer, a child of the world. My mom is American, my dad, Venezuelan. Her family is Norwegian and Italian, his is Dutch, and... well, in Venezuela we lose track of these things anyway.  As I was growing up I travelled extensively with my family, due to my father's job. I eventually found my home in South Africa, and I have been living here since 2001.

That's me, my yarns go everywhere I go!  

I may or may not have an obsession with all things yarn. 

I've jumped around a lot, career-wise...I've been a student, a physicist, a photographer, a teacher, an architect.  Now, I am an accidental preacher's wife and a mother. And, to quote my mom, I do 'yarn'.

I consider Loopy#6: The Yarn Room to be my 'whoops' child. You didn't dream them up, but now that they are here, you couldn't imagine life without them.

It developed from a combination of a gift I gave myself and a talent of mine- At the start of 2018, my New Years resolution was to "Do Things That Scare Me". (The Gift).

As I dove head first into (another) yarn business (One Of The Many Things That Scare Me), I started seeing other very exciting opportunities!

Here comes that talent I mentioned: the ability to turn almost any terrible situation into a 'What Can I Learn From This? Let's make a plan!' moment. 



To say I have had help, is an understatement. My parents, Lisa, and even my son Kieran has pitched in! My dear husband may not be 'hands-on', but he deserves a medal for all the hugs, support and the tears that he has helped to wipe off my face.

I've learnt so much this far, the most surprising thing for me is how much I have enjoyed running a business. I look forward to many more years of yarning ahead!

Don't be shy to come by the store, I would love to hear your story!

Happy Yarning!