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Tulip | Sashiko Needles. In tube
Tulip | Sashiko Needles. In Packaging

Tulip | Sashiko Needles

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 Tulip's Sashiko needles are a crafter's dream! 

Made of highly polished, nickel-plated steel, Tulip's Sahiko needles are strong, flexible and warp resistant.  The eyes are cut with a bevel, making threading easier. They pass through fabric smoothly and easily thanks to their special grooved shaft design (not visible to the naked eye). 

Available in 4 options.

Big eye, straight thin size:  4 needles 0.84mm x 51.5mm.  (These are fine, with a large eye for the thread).

Big eye, straight thick size:  4 needles 0.91mm x 51.5mm.  (These are thicker, with a large eye for the thread). 

Assorted Short: 6 needles in total. 2 needles 0.84mm x 45.5mm, 2 needles 0.91mm x 42.9mm and 2 needles 0.84mm x 36.4mm. (These are needles with smaller eyes, and take #8 or #12 cotton thread, and only the largest will be big enough for the Sashiko thread. Good for silk and lighter weight fabrics).