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ChiaoGoo | [10 cm] TWIST™ Red Lace, Set of Knitting Needles
ChiaoGoo | [10 cm] TWIST™ Red Lace, Set of Knitting Needles

ChiaoGoo | [10 cm] TWIST™ Red Lace, Set of Knitting Needles

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The TWIST™  Lace Stainless Steel system is a world-renowned system of interchangeable needles you won't want to live without!

NOTE: THIS ITEM CAN BE BACK-ORDERED. Just send me an email!

Made from surgical grade steel, these stainless steel tips have a satin-smooth finish. This means that they do not reflect light- making it easier to see your live stitches! Also, your work slides easily and quickly over them, minimising fatigue and speeding up your knitting. Yay!

The 10cm lace tips are precisely machined, they are light-weight and strong. No more worries about dropped and broken needle tips. The ends are tapered, making it easier to insert them in the correct place as you enjoy your craft.

The tips are LASER IMPRINTED, which means it will not wear off. No more missing sizes and the dreaded 'what needle size is this?' frustration!!

The TWIST™  cables are flexible, multi-strand steel cable, coated with red nylon. Your work slides effortlessly, and they have NO memory! (PS- they also have lifeline holes- wow!)

The zippered case is compact, functional and very easy to keep organized! 

These needles are great for lace knitting and all other types of knitting that you enjoy! 

All TWIST™  Sets include:

- Surgical, stainless steel LACE TWIST™  tips. 

- 3 red TWIST cable lengths to make: 60 cm, 80 cm and 100 cm circulars.

- Connectors [Small] & [Large], coded and easy-to-read

- End stoppers [Small] (White) & [Large] (Black)

- Tightening keys

- Needle Gauge (White and/or Red)

- Compact, zipper-enclosed, red-ribboned fabric case. It included a label, stitched on, designating a 'home' for each one of your lovely knitting tips. 


The sets are available in COMPLETE sets, or in Small or Large only.

COMPLETE [10 cm tips]: Includes needles tips from 2.75 mm to 10 mm. 

SMALL [10 cm tips] : Includes needles tips from 2.75 mm to 5 mm. This allows you to grow your collection at your own pace & budget!