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ChiaoGoo | Tools Kit Tin [S] & [L]

ChiaoGoo | Tools Kit Tin [S] & [L]

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This cute little tin from Chiaogoo, is packed to the brim with all the tools and more that you will need when enjoying your [S] & [L] interchangeable knitting needle tips.

The metai tin tools kit tin contains:

2 x  [S] & [L] cable connectors

2 x [S] & [L] end stoppers

2 x tightening keys

2 x darning needles

2 x [L] to [S] adapters

20 x stitch markers

2 x safety pins and

1 x heart-shaped rubber gripper

This metal tin measures 6cm x 4cm, which is smaller than the original white Chiaogoo tools kit.