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Etimo Crochet Hook in 3.75 mm, black grip, gold tip
Etimo Crochet Hook in 3.75 mm, black grip, gold tip, in packaging
Etimo Crochet Hook in 3.25 mm, black grip, gold tip

Tulip | Etimo Crochet Hook: Black & Gold

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Tulip's Ergonomic Crochet Hook: The Etimo Crochet Hook. This crochet hook will change your crochet life, we promise! Now in 3.25 mm and 3.75 mm

The Etimo range boasts ultra-strong yet lightweight metal tips, with an elegant soft, cushion grip in black. 

A special import to SA, usually only available in the USA, these black Etimo hooks are available in the coveted 3.25 mm and 3.75 mm sizes! No more gaps in our crochet hook collection! Whoop Whoop!

The cushions are ergonomically designed, and they place less strain on your hand and wrist as you create your next beloved crocheted item. They are made from high-quality elastomer plastic, that will not degrade and become sticky with time. 

Fabulous quality, great looks, more crochet efficiency... Crochet life doesn't get any better than this! Yay Tulip 🌷 !