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Our New Branding!

The Yarn Room? Whatever happened to Loopy #6?

I have had a few people ask- where does what fit where?
Let's go back to the beginning- my adventure in yarns started with a few hand-dyed skeins and a dream of exporting local fibres.
Yarn Dreams are born in the California Sunshine

My Yarn Dreams were born under the California Sun ☀️ 

The export business was the 'serious' one, based in the USA (read: grown-up, money-maker, visit for yarn delights, but not before you finish reading this)... The hand-dyed yarns were for my own joy! The funniest thing happened, I showed my creations to a few yarney friends, and they asked if they could buy them! I called those Loopy #6. 

Loopy = Lupi, from my maiden last name and my Italian side of the family on my mom's side. 

#6 = The book The Art of Possibility, by B & R Zander, talks about Rule #6. That one (and only!) rule that reminds us not to take ourselves too seriously. 


At the start, my concept was simple, really. I thought to host a few seasonal PopUp events, in my beautiful back garden and lapa. I would invite people to purchase a few imported yarns, but mostly my own hand-dyed yarns would be on offer. 
Alas, the days leading up to my first-ever PopUp, the skies opened up and drenched us in the heaviest rainfall EVER. (That perception may, or may not have been proportional to my anxiety levels at that point!)
All I know is that water was not only flooding my delightful garden, it was also streaming down the inside of my walls!  
Time for Panic Plan B. We moved the PopUp to our unused and neglected sitting room. We all have a room like that at home, that one space you only use when the preacher or your fancy Great Aunt Dorothy comes to visit. 

The first PopUp for Loopy#6

The first PopUp

As I grabbed more opportunities during the course of 2018, my yarn collection grew. Suddenly (or perhaps not so suddenly) I had many brands on offer, and no time to hand dye my Loopy #6's!
While preparing the launch of Good Loops Yarn in the USA, I was spending most of my time in the infamous lounge, surrounded by my expanding yarn offerings. My husband would ask Kieran, our son, who was then five and a half years old: "Where is Mama?" and without fail he would reply "In The Yarn Room"
Around the same time, experience taught me that I would need to have more permanent shopping hours. How do you invite people to a place that has no name? Voila! [ The Yarn Room ] became official. (As official as adding a sub-text on your social media page can be)

Regular shop hours were announced last year 

In early 2019, I asked Jacob Campbell of Aetoric Design to help me concretize my ideas and brand. He is our brand developer for Good Loops Yarn. He took us on an incredible adventure to discover all that Good Loops could and should be, I could not wait to see what we would do for
[ The Yarn Room ]


Getting Ready for a PopUp

We We keep growing!

I feel very privileged to be able to write this blog post, to tell you about a journey I never imagined I would take. With Jacob's support and direct manner, he brought into focus what I was unable to express and articulate on my own. 
The logo is inspired by my career in architecture and my love for all things linear and ordered. The colours remind us of vintage postcards, they refer to the yarn adventures that I invite you to take with me through every skein.


The Yarn Room Logo


Our new branding hard at work!

It translates well into many formats, it speaks my visual and emotive language. Great design in action! 

I would love to know what you think of our brand's new look! 

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