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My first Yarn Room yarn wrap!

I am very excited to brag a bit with my infinity crocheted wrap I crafted!

It was love at first sight when I saw Spindles n Spokes Prism in January when Anita brought it to us. I really wanted to make something with the yarn but did not know what and therefore I didn’t know how many skeins I might need. So I didn’t buy it, only looked at it longingly every time a customer walked out the shop with a skein.

And then it happened: I got gifted a skein! I was obviously thrilled with the gift even though it meant that I now in all seriousness needed to think about what it is that will make my heart sing and make the yarn look lovely. I remembered a YouTube video I saw from Fiber Spider where he created a mobius wrap. I had to dig deep and was lucky enough to find it. The perfect match. Fiber Spider’s way of showing you is the basic stitch pattern and concept. You can always customize the project according to your specifications. So, I decided to work the wrap until the yarn is finished. The whole wrap is made of (US) double crochet  or (UK) treble stitches – easy!

What I liked about the Spindles n Spokes yarn was that no 2 stitches were the same, not in colour nor in the thickness of the yarn as it is handspun and hand dyed. I could not wait to finish to see how it turned out.

It turned out very nice and the wrap is perfect finish to any of my winter wardrobe tops!

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